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The Pocono Mountain Regional Police K-9 Division introduces Chase and Niko.

K-9 Chase is a 2- 1/2 year old Dutch Shepherd. He was born in Slovakia and trained at Castles K-9 last year and went into service last November. He is trained in Patrol and Narcotics, and is handled by Officer Joe Lutkowski.

K-9 Niko is a 17 month old Cross (German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois) He was also born in Slovakia. He was trained at Castles K-9 this past may. He went into service around June of this year. He is also trained in Patrol and Narcotics, and is handled by Cpl Matthew Nero.

  • Apprehension Training
  • Apprehension Training 2
  • Apprehension Training 3
  • Apprehension Training 4

Apprehension Training

Apprehension Training Photo 2

Apprehension Training Photo 3

Apprehension Training Photo 4



Both K-9 Flip
and K-9 Kane (below) officially retired in July of 2010. After years of dedicated, loyal service, they are currently enjoying their retirement with their handlers, Officer Lutkowski and Cpl Nero.

Retired K-9 Flip

Retired K-9 Kane


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K-9 Chase

K-9 Chase Photo 2

K-9 Chase 3

K-9 Chase Photo 4

K-9 Chase Photo 5

  • Niko
  • Niko 2

K-9 Niko

K-9 Niko Photo 2

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