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Special Weapons


The Pocono Mountain Regional Police Special Weapons And Tactics Team was formed in 1996. Currently, the team consists of 19 highly trained personnel.

The team has received training from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Pennsylvania State Police, the United States Military and the National Tactical Officers Association. The team has also worked with and assisted the US Secret Service Presidential Detail in protection of the Presidential convoy.

The team responds to critical incidents requiring the specialized abilities of the team members. These incidents include hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, high risk warrant service, dignitary protection, counter assault team (CAT) operations, counter surveillance, Officer down or any other life threatening situation where their training is required.


The team is trained in the employment of explosive devices, automatic and semi-automatic weapons, long range scoped rifles, gas munitions and platforms, less lethal munitions and platforms, electronic surveillance equipment and specialized team tactics. The team is made up of (1) Officer in Charge, (3) Crisis Negotiators, (4) Marksmen / Observers and (11) Entry Operators.

Our mission is to save lives and enhance the safety of the public, law enforcement and suspects during such critical incidents.


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