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Employment Opportunities

No email requests for applications will be accepted.

Please contact our office directly at the numbers below.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police
2454 Route 940
Pocono Summit, PA 18346
phone# 570-895-2400
fax# 570-895-2450



THE POCONO MOUNTAIN REGIONAL POLICE COMMISSION, MONROE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA is currently accepting Applications for their 2015 Hiring Eligibility List for the full-time position of Police Officer.

  • All applicants must possess a HS diploma or G.E.D. and must have reached their 21st birthday before the deadline for submitting applications.

  • All applicants must be a US Citizen and possess a PA driver’s license prior to appointment.

  • Selection by written – physical agility tests – oral – polygraph and background investigation.

  • Starting salary for Patrol Officer is $30,000 with annual increases over 5 years to Top Level Patrol Officer. Current base salary for Top Level Officer is $66,805.


There is a link at the bottom of the page to download the application. Completed applications must be received by Friday March 13, 2015. EOE



  1. Officers on duty shall wear uniforms or other clothing in accordance with established Departmental procedures.

  2. Except when acting under proper and specific orders from a superior officer, officers on duty shall maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance and shall style their hair according to the following guidelines:


(a)  Hair must be clean, neat and combed. Hair shall not be worn longer than the top of the shirt collar at the back of the neck when standing with the head in a normal posture. Hair shall not be worn in such a manner as to interfere with the normal wearing of all standard headgear.

(b)  Sideburns shall be neatly trimmed and rectangular in shape

(c) Officers shall be clean- except they may have mustaches, which do not extend below the corners of the mouth.



(1) Hair must be clean, neat and combed. The bulk or length of the hair shall not interfere with the normal wearing of all standard headgear.

  1. The wearing of jewelry on duty can create safety concerns. Items such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc., should be worn with safety considerations foremost in mind. Male officers are not permitted to wear any earring whatsoever. Female officers may wear earrings; however, they will be the non- pierced type or pierced stud style. At no time will female officers wear earrings that extend beyond or hang from the ear lobe.

  2. Officers on duty shall have no visible body piercing on any body part (excluding ears in paragraph 3) to include facial and tongue piercing.

  3. Officers on duty shall have no visible tattoos to include the lower arms when wearing summer uniform shirts.

    No officer shall have gang, satanic, or disrespectful tattooing on any body part.

  4. Officers on duty shall have no unnatural hair color or style that would bring disrespect to the Department.

THE WRITTEN TEST APPLICATION & COVER LETTER can be downloaded by clicking link below:

click here

Please complete the form online when possible, print it and mail it to :


2454 Route 940
Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania 18346


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